Wednesday, December 30

rarely update,

sorry guys, but i think i prefer tumblin :D
if you guys wanna keep reading my updates or stuff,
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Monday, December 7

kalau tak geleng ble nyanyi lagu dangdut tak sah :D hahaa

start dari 2:11

Friday, October 30

i love you MJ (:

er before i sign off, i just wanna say that


your name will forever stay in our hearts (':

Wednesday, October 28

PEOPLE! *updated

i would like to announce that i, FATIHA is finally, YES, finally..


hahaa, take that akmal! :P soo, how was this year's birthday party? okaaay, not as grand as last year's but it was fun. sad part is, i couldnt invite so many people, only 6 ): and lastlast, only 3 showed up. erina, marissa and ninie (: celebrated on the 24th, a day before my birthday! hohoo

ibu ngn ayah invited all my aunts and uncles, and cousins too :D aqil invited a few of his friends, and lala invited sakinah, which in the beginning kinda ANNOYED me and marissa. tap in the end, she turned out to be pretty helpful during the party, sooo, thanks beb (;

HAA, wanna see my cake? (okay, not excatly MY cake, tap me and my sis, lala's cake

CHOCO-LATE-CAKE baked by ibu (: the supermom!

too bad i didnt really get to eat a whole small piece of my cake D: just got a bite, gahh

11pm - everyone's gone home, pheww
11.30pm - changed into our PJays :D
11.59pm - got out of the room for a moment
12.00am - got back in, lights out..


still 12.00am - erina, marissa and ninie hugs me (':

honestly, i felt like crying time tuh. tears of joy la katakan, hahaa
thanks guys. you've made my 1st moments of being 14 the best moments i'd have ever imagined, love you guys (:

so, what did we do all night? we got inspiration from a kid (; props to you beb, hahaa. danced to SHE WOLF. hmm, i wann upload the video but i've got to get the girl's permission first, soooooo, mind waiting a few weeks? :D sorry

9.00am - ayah came in the room, and told me to get ready, nk gi beli present! YAHH, hahaa
9.30am - managed to wake everyone up
11.00am - smue dah mand and ready to go, except ninieeeaaay

lastlast, ninie tajad ikut, haihh. nvermind -.-
headed off to KLCC. smpai2 je split aqil and lala smue ikut ibu. chubb ngn erina ikut aku. 1st stop, kedaaaaaaaaai er, kedai ape ek? haa! vincci (: tgk2 spek accessories. they had this purple bingkai-ed glasses which were really cute. tried it on, it somehow kinda looked nice on me xD hahahaa, prasan :) then jalanjalanjalan, and went to converse! survey2 jap then turun gi romp, and then gi kedai 'chameleon'. bought that hippie headband thingy :D costs 10 bucks, pfft

kat levi's nye dressing room, rip off dou kedai ny, letak sign 70% kat tmpat yg sala -.- kesian chubb

around 1pm - gi lunch

while waiting for our food, kteorg gi kinokuniya jap. serious rase ngantuk gle dou ble masuk kedai ny, not because it's a boring shop but because of the aircond. sedap je ohh, and oh so very nyaman :D hahaa. then masuk balik chillies and maaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaan (: kenyang woaa. mkan sandwich and quasadilas (forgot how to spell it) hahaa.

off we went, to converse. bought the shoes i wanted :D woopeeeeeee, hahaa. pas da beli kasut tu tggal rm30 jea nk spend ): gaaahh. anyways, pas beli kasut tu gi masuk mango jap. nothing interesting -.- and the shop's so small, i mean, berbanding ngan the Curve nye mng. woaa, BIG difference. and i aint kiddin (; hahaa

around 4pm - balik rumaaaaaaaaaah

smpai2 jea smue bkk presents. aqil beli rubiks twist and a telescope, irfan bought a scooter and lala beli ape tah name tu. and OH, ayah bought pictionary xD hahaa. heyyy, irfan's scooter is pretty cool. i get to play with it everytime he's not around :D hahaa. best kot bnde tu


Saturday, October 17

one day trip,

wat ipin's wife (:

mak ilah (:

ibu! :D

me and irfan (:

yesterday, ayah, ibu, me and irfan balik kampung jap. one of my cousin baru khatam and nak sunat, so his family wat kenduri. bertolak kul 8 cmtu. reached our destination kul 11 lebih cmtu kot? tah laa, tak igt :D hahaa. anyways, smpai2 jea ibu kate "ehh. cm kenduri kahwin jea" ayah reply "alaa, wat ipin, mestla wat besar-besaran" hahaa (:

okaaay, pas park kreta, masuk dlm ruma, salam2 and then MAKAN! yaaahh. my favourite part of KENDURIes (; and on the menu we have, rendang, nasi briyani, nasi putih, ayam masak merah, sayur-ape-tah (idk what it's called) and etc. toufuFA pun ade, sedap oh. and sungguh mengenyangkan :D

pas makan2 smue tu, aku masuk jap. tunaikn solat (: HOHO,
there were kids playing in the room, afif *cousin* and the geng, smue lompat2 atas katil. KIDS (; hmm, just b4 solat, aisyah *cousin* came inside the room with her friends. then, mule laa dea kecoh. aku minx tlg dea senyap skjap pun tak bole. NGADE-NGADE :P huhh. after a while, she went out of the room and i finally got to pray in peace, pheww

afif (:

okaaaaay, it was almost 3 hours since we arrived at Wat ipin's house. and i began to somehow feel in need of going home. PENAT, what do u expect? -__- and i was bored, DEAD BORED. and then, came the need of MERUNGUTing. hohohoo "ibu, ble nak balik?" "jap lagi, jap lagi" "hmm, ayah, ble nk bakik?" "tggu jap, lepas azhar sunat" "wokaaay"
an hour later...
"ayah, ble nak balik?" *did sign language that i couldnt understand and walked away* yahhh, great -.- after helping ayah with azhar's medication, baru dpat balik. nenek tumpang skali. u know, it was pretty hard to get her straight into the car. she kept on stopping by here and there. hahaa, kinda funny actually when i think about it :D akhirnyaaaa, dpat gak masukkan dea dlm kreta. hahaa. then singgah rumah nenek jap, wash up wash up, and tgk cte GOTHIKA. the movie's not that scary and kinda interesting actually (;

kul 5 lebih cmtu baru balik. YES! FINALLY! i slept 2/3 of the journey back home. smpai ruma around 7.30. then, mandi2, solat and gi atika and amira's *neighbours* open house. b4 we went, ayah said "bertuah jugak kte hari ni, lunch kat ruma wat ipin, dinner at our neighbours" hahaa, betul gak ape ayah ckp tu (; pas mkan, me and lala went inside, tgk tv kat atas. cte "the princess protection program" kot? tahh, tak sure :D the movie's kinda cool actually (;

okaaaay, after the movie, i went downstairs to see what my parents were doing. tgk2, deorg da balik. actually, EVERYONE else pun da balik. tinggal me, lala and the family's family jea yg tinggal. uihh, segaaaan. i told lala that it was time to go home, tap dea kate dea baru je nk main game. "fine, kakak balik dulu tw" i went home, washed up, cleaned up my room and solat. then ibu asked me to ask lala to come back home..

end of story. HEYY, first time blog panjang2. usually, i'll get bored half way typing and dlete the whole post :D hahaa, anyways, feel free to tell me if this blog is too long. i'll cut it short if you want (;

BTW, ninie, if you're reading this, i am terribly sorry for dicthing you like that. i totally lost track of time. hope you'll forgive me..

Thursday, October 8

break up,


umm, yehh, just broke up.. feel so guilty, wt dea cmtu. dah laa today anyversary kteorg (5th month) GAHH D: im such a terrible person. hmm, just wanna let you guys know, Irwan has made me a better person in many ways. we may have fought alot, but that's what couples do, right? now i just hope we'll stay as friends, or maybe, more..
and no, i did not break up with you bcause i dont love you anymore, i did it bcause i know that im a terrible girlfriend. and i want the best for you. someone who will understand u better than i do. someone that'll keep u happy, forever! (: i know, you're really upset bout the whole thing, and i dont blame u. bcause i feel the same way too. maybe im not as upset as u, cause im the one who asked for this to happen, but hey, maybe there's a good outcome from this? we can never know, we'll just have to find out ourselves. bak kata ninie "if it's meant to be, it will be"
for EVERYTHING. all your sacrifices, sweet memories and joy you've given me. no matter what happens, i know, i'll never forget them and you..
a new start,

Thursday, September 24

i dont wanna fight with you anymore
i dont wanna stress myself out bcause of you
and i definately dont want u to be the main reason of my sadness

but.. i dont wanna let u go either

Friday, September 18

focus on what's written below the spade (:

Tuesday, September 15

one more thing


Sunday, September 13

youtube lagi,

honestly, im addicted :D

Saturday, September 12



my dad read my blog, how did i find out? well.. tad time baru smpai KLIA, Irwan suh kim slm kt dea. so i did, i said to my dad 'yah, irwan kim slm he just noded and said 'D?' hahaa, tersengih aku. pkir ayh read my texts, rupe rupenyeee, he read my blog, hahaa.
tkejut gle ah time tu :D

DAD, if you're reading this
please feel free to tell me if i did
or write or say anything wrong
thank you (:

ILOVEYOU DAD, and have a safe trip
we'll miss you dearly on the 1st day of raya
cya on the 22nd (:

Friday, September 11


it's saturday, and i'm bored

myspace is really starting to bore me, BOO you tom
lucky there's youtube, i'll be able to watch some comedy
and cheers to video games, yehh, video games

honestly people, am i emo? or do i just think that? *pfft
im beginning to talk nonsense, yaa, i do that alot lately
HATE IT: bahh,

end of story,
wait a minute, my day might just turn around
YEHH, song downloaded (:


Leave my door open just a crack, Please take me away from here
Cause I feel like such an insomniac, Please take me away from here
Why do I tire of counting sheep? Please take me away from here
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

disco ball,
hanging by a thread

hilang mood,

vavi. bosan dou duk rumaa


so you think you can dance?

Thursday, September 10


i cant seem to find a decent layout for this blog -.-

ignore this,

anywho, marissa and ninie did this thingy with their byfriends
not THAT thingy, this surat-diary thingy, haiyaa
ninie let jo read her diary (kot?) and marissa gave aisar this letter thinga-ma-bob,
smething like the letter dlm cte ItalicP.S I LOVE YOU (kot?) hahaa
im not so sure lahh, sorry

anyways, the main reason y im talking abt this is cause
i think it's pretty cool, not really my kinda thing to do or like
but still, i think's it's sweet (; congrats jo n aisar, for getting my 2bestfs
jage deorang leklok or ELSE, hahaa

hmm, waiting for D to reply my text
dea tga 2tion kot? idk, tak brape sure
i keep on forgetting when he gots 2tion : should ask him later,
okaaaay. bye

14th sept 09, four months

Wednesday, September 9

triple nine,

09.09.09? what does it mean actually?
nothing to me :P
anywys, yesterday (08.09.09) was me and D's aniversary,
4 months to be exact,
he called me at 12.02am to wish me a happy ani and said iloveyou (:

played a song for him that night, lagu crazier by taylor swift
right after the call, he sent me a text saying
'B. suare u sedap oh. hee' yehh right, hahaa
i replied 'ttbe jea' rupe-rupenye, he recorded me singing just now -.-
hahaa, i kinda thought it was cute (;

i bet u're thinking, everything went A-okay the whole day,
well. YOU'RE WRONG. we actually faught a few minutes after the call
the arguement started around 1am, huhh
i tried to comfort him the next morning, but he just stayed all moody and stuff,
i really hated it when he becomes like that,

it's been going on for the past few days, and sometimes i just felt like..
gaaaahhhh, :

mlm tu, he sent me a text saying 'woi'
ONE WHOLE DAY i tried to comfort him and that's wht i get in return? *pfft

i ignored him after that, not answering his call and text,

i got really angry at him
all it took to make me feel better was to say sorry, but did he say it?
noooooo. huhh, a simple word like that pun tkle ckap
i let out my anger by scolding him, hahaa
sorry D, i was really mad at you mase tu, sorry ssgt
like dania said, kte mara2 pun sbab kte syg kt each other :D hahaa, thnks dan

D told me to let out my feelings to him, cause he wanted me to be okay
and not simpan dendam and stuff, and i did. i let it all out that night
puhhh, legaaa. hehee, thanks D
u really know how to make me feel better dnt u? (;

umm, after a while, he finally realised, it was his fault all along

and eventually apologised, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lega hati, hahaa

borakborakborak, gelakgelakgelak
then he promised me that he would'nt do this to me anymore, hee
sukenyeeee :D hahaaa,
i felt relieved and greateful sebab ALLAH telah membuka hatinyaa,

ahaaa. syukur, ALHAMDULILLAH

heyyheyy, did i mention? marissa slept over my house on sunday

that night kteorg mgadakan sesi bgambar :D hahaa,
and berangan. due2 pkai selendang, hahaa mmg best (;
nahh, the pics

oh selendang :D

she went home tuesday morning (;
iloveyou marissa, hahaa. btw, all black for 2day
no time to edit this blog, sorry,
bye. and thnks for reading,

Irwan, your name is,
forever engraved in my heart

Friday, August 28

new 'do,

hahaa, woooo.. my hair's manageble now :D

thanks ayah (: i lovalovalove you! hahaa

and thank you Irwan,
for taking my boredom away (;

Tuesday, August 25


skinny niney

also known as Aini Cellini,

also known as my best friend,

also known as a great partner in crime :p
aaaaand also known as he girl who teases me about my hair -.-
anywho, she's 14 now,
and yehh, she's older than me,