Saturday, October 17

one day trip,

wat ipin's wife (:

mak ilah (:

ibu! :D

me and irfan (:

yesterday, ayah, ibu, me and irfan balik kampung jap. one of my cousin baru khatam and nak sunat, so his family wat kenduri. bertolak kul 8 cmtu. reached our destination kul 11 lebih cmtu kot? tah laa, tak igt :D hahaa. anyways, smpai2 jea ibu kate "ehh. cm kenduri kahwin jea" ayah reply "alaa, wat ipin, mestla wat besar-besaran" hahaa (:

okaaay, pas park kreta, masuk dlm ruma, salam2 and then MAKAN! yaaahh. my favourite part of KENDURIes (; and on the menu we have, rendang, nasi briyani, nasi putih, ayam masak merah, sayur-ape-tah (idk what it's called) and etc. toufuFA pun ade, sedap oh. and sungguh mengenyangkan :D

pas makan2 smue tu, aku masuk jap. tunaikn solat (: HOHO,
there were kids playing in the room, afif *cousin* and the geng, smue lompat2 atas katil. KIDS (; hmm, just b4 solat, aisyah *cousin* came inside the room with her friends. then, mule laa dea kecoh. aku minx tlg dea senyap skjap pun tak bole. NGADE-NGADE :P huhh. after a while, she went out of the room and i finally got to pray in peace, pheww

afif (:

okaaaaay, it was almost 3 hours since we arrived at Wat ipin's house. and i began to somehow feel in need of going home. PENAT, what do u expect? -__- and i was bored, DEAD BORED. and then, came the need of MERUNGUTing. hohohoo "ibu, ble nak balik?" "jap lagi, jap lagi" "hmm, ayah, ble nk bakik?" "tggu jap, lepas azhar sunat" "wokaaay"
an hour later...
"ayah, ble nak balik?" *did sign language that i couldnt understand and walked away* yahhh, great -.- after helping ayah with azhar's medication, baru dpat balik. nenek tumpang skali. u know, it was pretty hard to get her straight into the car. she kept on stopping by here and there. hahaa, kinda funny actually when i think about it :D akhirnyaaaa, dpat gak masukkan dea dlm kreta. hahaa. then singgah rumah nenek jap, wash up wash up, and tgk cte GOTHIKA. the movie's not that scary and kinda interesting actually (;

kul 5 lebih cmtu baru balik. YES! FINALLY! i slept 2/3 of the journey back home. smpai ruma around 7.30. then, mandi2, solat and gi atika and amira's *neighbours* open house. b4 we went, ayah said "bertuah jugak kte hari ni, lunch kat ruma wat ipin, dinner at our neighbours" hahaa, betul gak ape ayah ckp tu (; pas mkan, me and lala went inside, tgk tv kat atas. cte "the princess protection program" kot? tahh, tak sure :D the movie's kinda cool actually (;

okaaaay, after the movie, i went downstairs to see what my parents were doing. tgk2, deorg da balik. actually, EVERYONE else pun da balik. tinggal me, lala and the family's family jea yg tinggal. uihh, segaaaan. i told lala that it was time to go home, tap dea kate dea baru je nk main game. "fine, kakak balik dulu tw" i went home, washed up, cleaned up my room and solat. then ibu asked me to ask lala to come back home..

end of story. HEYY, first time blog panjang2. usually, i'll get bored half way typing and dlete the whole post :D hahaa, anyways, feel free to tell me if this blog is too long. i'll cut it short if you want (;

BTW, ninie, if you're reading this, i am terribly sorry for dicthing you like that. i totally lost track of time. hope you'll forgive me..