Wednesday, October 28

PEOPLE! *updated

i would like to announce that i, FATIHA is finally, YES, finally..


hahaa, take that akmal! :P soo, how was this year's birthday party? okaaay, not as grand as last year's but it was fun. sad part is, i couldnt invite so many people, only 6 ): and lastlast, only 3 showed up. erina, marissa and ninie (: celebrated on the 24th, a day before my birthday! hohoo

ibu ngn ayah invited all my aunts and uncles, and cousins too :D aqil invited a few of his friends, and lala invited sakinah, which in the beginning kinda ANNOYED me and marissa. tap in the end, she turned out to be pretty helpful during the party, sooo, thanks beb (;

HAA, wanna see my cake? (okay, not excatly MY cake, tap me and my sis, lala's cake

CHOCO-LATE-CAKE baked by ibu (: the supermom!

too bad i didnt really get to eat a whole small piece of my cake D: just got a bite, gahh

11pm - everyone's gone home, pheww
11.30pm - changed into our PJays :D
11.59pm - got out of the room for a moment
12.00am - got back in, lights out..


still 12.00am - erina, marissa and ninie hugs me (':

honestly, i felt like crying time tuh. tears of joy la katakan, hahaa
thanks guys. you've made my 1st moments of being 14 the best moments i'd have ever imagined, love you guys (:

so, what did we do all night? we got inspiration from a kid (; props to you beb, hahaa. danced to SHE WOLF. hmm, i wann upload the video but i've got to get the girl's permission first, soooooo, mind waiting a few weeks? :D sorry

9.00am - ayah came in the room, and told me to get ready, nk gi beli present! YAHH, hahaa
9.30am - managed to wake everyone up
11.00am - smue dah mand and ready to go, except ninieeeaaay

lastlast, ninie tajad ikut, haihh. nvermind -.-
headed off to KLCC. smpai2 je split aqil and lala smue ikut ibu. chubb ngn erina ikut aku. 1st stop, kedaaaaaaaaai er, kedai ape ek? haa! vincci (: tgk2 spek accessories. they had this purple bingkai-ed glasses which were really cute. tried it on, it somehow kinda looked nice on me xD hahahaa, prasan :) then jalanjalanjalan, and went to converse! survey2 jap then turun gi romp, and then gi kedai 'chameleon'. bought that hippie headband thingy :D costs 10 bucks, pfft

kat levi's nye dressing room, rip off dou kedai ny, letak sign 70% kat tmpat yg sala -.- kesian chubb

around 1pm - gi lunch

while waiting for our food, kteorg gi kinokuniya jap. serious rase ngantuk gle dou ble masuk kedai ny, not because it's a boring shop but because of the aircond. sedap je ohh, and oh so very nyaman :D hahaa. then masuk balik chillies and maaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaan (: kenyang woaa. mkan sandwich and quasadilas (forgot how to spell it) hahaa.

off we went, to converse. bought the shoes i wanted :D woopeeeeeee, hahaa. pas da beli kasut tu tggal rm30 jea nk spend ): gaaahh. anyways, pas beli kasut tu gi masuk mango jap. nothing interesting -.- and the shop's so small, i mean, berbanding ngan the Curve nye mng. woaa, BIG difference. and i aint kiddin (; hahaa

around 4pm - balik rumaaaaaaaaaah

smpai2 jea smue bkk presents. aqil beli rubiks twist and a telescope, irfan bought a scooter and lala beli ape tah name tu. and OH, ayah bought pictionary xD hahaa. heyyy, irfan's scooter is pretty cool. i get to play with it everytime he's not around :D hahaa. best kot bnde tu