Thursday, October 8

break up,


umm, yehh, just broke up.. feel so guilty, wt dea cmtu. dah laa today anyversary kteorg (5th month) GAHH D: im such a terrible person. hmm, just wanna let you guys know, Irwan has made me a better person in many ways. we may have fought alot, but that's what couples do, right? now i just hope we'll stay as friends, or maybe, more..
and no, i did not break up with you bcause i dont love you anymore, i did it bcause i know that im a terrible girlfriend. and i want the best for you. someone who will understand u better than i do. someone that'll keep u happy, forever! (: i know, you're really upset bout the whole thing, and i dont blame u. bcause i feel the same way too. maybe im not as upset as u, cause im the one who asked for this to happen, but hey, maybe there's a good outcome from this? we can never know, we'll just have to find out ourselves. bak kata ninie "if it's meant to be, it will be"
for EVERYTHING. all your sacrifices, sweet memories and joy you've given me. no matter what happens, i know, i'll never forget them and you..
a new start,